The KWC Paper

With the latest in trivial news and questionable advice, The KWC Paper is sure to brighten your inbox! Enjoy short stories full of humor, mystery, and creativity, delivered every month.

The KWC (Knickerbocker Writers Club) is a small group of young writers. We’re a motley crew of dedicated authors, scribblers for fun, and inveterate procrastinators. Our main goal as Christian writers is to glorify God, and we love to explore history, science, other cultures–all with a dash of humor!

Have a bit of news for us, a letter to the editor, or a short story you’d like to see in an upcoming issue? We’d love to see it!

Please keep news (Rumor and Report) and advice (Letters to the Editor) under 100 words. Short stories may reach up to 2,500 words, but only 300-500 words will be featured in the body of the paper; readers will be redirected to for the rest of the story.

We reserve the right to make editorial changes to your submission.