Enter the worlds of nine authors through their eleven stories, ranging from the mysterious to the thrilling, the hilarious to the heroic, from snapshots of ordinary life to tales of a hundred years ago. From chases through the streets of London to the adventures of the dreaded pirate Nebuchadnezzar Pearl, prepare yourself for an epic journey which spans eleven worlds.

What’s New:

Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 2

1: Welcome to Place 2: Number 877 On a dark, humid night in July, human 877 was born.  Off in the underground Unit manufacturing plant, a new Unit was being commissioned at the same time.  But no one celebrates commission day. Savannah—that’s human 877’s name—didn’t remember more of her first four years than most of … Continue reading Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 2

The Absent Banana

Isaiah D It began on a bright and cloudless morning, as the sun peeked over the far off mountaintop, shedding its glorious rays across the wide forests and dales.  The wind gamboled through the trees and the squirrels and chipmunks which peopled the forest scurried hither and yon with a noise that was noiseless.  Suddenly … Continue reading The Absent Banana

Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 1

1: Welcome to Place The Hansberg Project.  That’s how the UN writes it in official papers; but to the inhabitants, it’s Place, and for them, the rest of the earth—the UN included—may as well not exist. The debris left by an experiment of the fifth industrial revolution, Place is a tightly controlled world of computers … Continue reading Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 1