Enter the worlds of nine authors through their eleven stories, ranging from the mysterious to the thrilling, the hilarious to the heroic, from snapshots of ordinary life to tales of a hundred years ago. From chases through the streets of London to the adventures of the dreaded pirate Nebuchadnezzar Pearl, prepare yourself for an epic journey which spans eleven worlds.

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Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 6

1: Welcome to Place2: Number 8773: Hiding4: Cold, Cold Steel5: Down to this Wire 6: The Last Sunset Malcolm had made no errors in his calculations, and he knew that rescuing Savannah from her addiction was the easier part of his task.  As a Unit, he could only ignore the code by overriding his core … Continue reading Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 6

Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 5

1: Welcome to Place2: Number 8773: Hiding 4: Cold, Cold Steel 5: Down to This Wire On the far outskirts of Place was the trash heap.  In Place, most material was recycled—the system was a closed one, with few new raw materials entering—but some years trash production exceeded recycling capacity, and the leftovers ended up … Continue reading Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 5