Enter the worlds of nine authors through their eleven stories, ranging from the mysterious to the thrilling, the hilarious to the heroic, from snapshots of ordinary life to tales of a hundred years ago. From chases through the streets of London to the adventures of the dreaded pirate Nebuchadnezzar Pearl, prepare yourself for an epic journey which spans eleven worlds.

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Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 3

1: Welcome to Place2: Number 877 3: Hiding The dews that rose and fell in Place carried the months and years with them; and Savannah grew up.  Eleven-year-old Savannah wasn’t tall for her age, but she was healthy and active.  Unit 877 spent a good deal of time sewing up holes in her clothes. Savannah’s … Continue reading Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 3

Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 2

1: Welcome to Place 2: Number 877 On a dark, humid night in July, human 877 was born.  Off in the underground Unit manufacturing plant, a new Unit was being commissioned at the same time.  But no one celebrates commission day. Savannah—that’s human 877’s name—didn’t remember more of her first four years than most of … Continue reading Malcolm Defroster: Chapter 2