Enter the worlds of nine authors through their eleven stories, ranging from the mysterious to the thrilling, the hilarious to the heroic, from snapshots of ordinary life to tales of a hundred years ago. From chases through the streets of London to the adventures of the dreaded pirate Nebuchadnezzar Pearl, prepare yourself for an epic journey which spans eleven worlds.

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My Favorite Way to Die Twice

“Tell me a bed time story, Mitch! Carry me, I’m tired. Come on, hurry up with the story, Mitch.” “Alright, um… It was a normal night in New York City, and the rain was thundering around a dark figure dressed in a black jacket and a dark green baseball cap.” “Was he a detective?” “Yes.” … Continue reading My Favorite Way to Die Twice

It Was All Pumpkin’s Fault: Chapter 7

PrologueChapter 1: Cookie of ConsolationChapter 2: SamChapter 3: Who Stole the Cookie?Chapter 4: Tradam’s WarningChapter 5: The Yellow House AgainChapter 6: Treffellem Tagge Chapter 7: Ambushed Long before Pumpkin had arrived in front of AV’s hauntingly tenebrific house, Sam and Rosy had made their successful exit out of the crowd, and entered a nearby Si … Continue reading It Was All Pumpkin’s Fault: Chapter 7