Eleven Worlds: The Book

Step into the worlds of nine authors and their eleven stories… stories ranging from the mysterious to the absurd to the hilarious… stories set in days already gone, when Viking longboats ruled the waves… stories of an era yet to come, when discovering subterranean matrixes is all in a day’s work… and stories of a time that—fortunately—will never come, when pumpkin pie monsters announce their intention of taking over the world.

Follow the heroes and heroines as they battle fierce dragons, discover groundbreaking nutritional tips, or just find out why life is worth living. Thrill to the tale of the heroic Knight of the Opaque Kismet, shudder as you read the adventures of the feared pirate Nebuchadnezzar Pearl, and laugh when you discover why buying a country cabin in winter might not be a good idea.

If that hasn’t piqued your interest, let me just remind you to keep your eyes open for the bridesmaid who knocks over a can of green paint… for the London policeman who loses all his speeding tickets… and for the pilgrim whose life is turned upside-down when he first tries ice cream—or wait, maybe there was another reason? That was the important one, anyhow.

Don’t miss these eleven stories!

Emerald Isle – Green plays a prominent part in this story as the hero rescues six princesses from the dragon’s domain, eventually breaking the spell and freeing the heroine, Erin, to be a happy frog once more.

Breaking the Ice – Mr. Tonto tries out life in the country, and is surprised to find that he likes it. That is, he liked it until he realized he was being dogged by a disgruntled former client. Frightened by a seemingly violent threat, he disappears to the city. When he returns, will there be anything left to salvage?

Squashbuckling! – When pumpkin pie armies invaded New York City, Johnny Tyrell did the logical thing: hide. But that couldn’t save him, and he was caught regaling himself with his favorite Chilean chili peppers. It was then that he discovered that those same chili peppers were the only weapon capable of destroying the invasive pies – and the only question left is what dollar bill Johnny Tyrell’s face should go on.

Eye of the Pearl – Nebuchadnezzar Pearl, most feared pirate of the seven seas, has his eye on the Pearl. Follow him and Captain William Sparr as they battle it out with swords, cannons, and earth-shaking dice. Nebuchadnezzar may have the upper hand for a time, but Captain Sparr has an ace up his sleeve… the Necklace of Souls.

Miss Nutrition – Follow the protagonist as she runs into Miss Nutrition at the donut shop, and learns amazing nutrition facts she had never dreamed of!

Unearthing Kabal City – Chantelle Norcross, homicide detective, unexpectedly becomes involved in unearthing a deadly plot – all revolving around the top secret information on a missing computer chip. Royce Henning has his hands on the chip and is trying to plug it into his massive underground plant, but Norcross and her friends are only one step behind.

The Bobby’s Stolen Speeding Tickets – Frank Kliforth is the perfect dashing young London policeman, with a sharp eye for speeding cabs and omnibuses. Imagine his dismay when the contents of a whole briefcase full of speeding tickets disappear! Follow him and Detective Grey as they roam the streets of London to investigate a trio of suspects.

Maid of Honor – Derick and Marie’s wedding day approaches, and preparations are in full swing. Or in full smash. Marie’s maid of honor scrambles to fix one disaster after another.

Windswept – Priestess and Power are virtually synonymous in the old Viking settlement of Sørvagur, and Eira would like to keep it that way. Taking advantage of an incoming windstorm, she sets afoot a plot to discredit the recently-arrived Christian missionary, but affairs spiral out of Eira’s control as he stands firm, and the wind begins to threaten destruction.

The Fairy Tale of Zumaro – Rodrigo of Lindsborg, Knight of the Opaque Kismet, is on a quest. When his squire spills the beans about a captive princess, nothing will keep him back from rescuing her… except not knowing which of three identical towers she’s immured in. Once Rodrigo finds that out, he still has to duel Sally Chocolatemuffins’ evil uncle, before he can ride off into the sunset followed by a cartload of all Sally’s… stuff.

A Life of Sadness Turned Into a Life of Shock, Surprise, and Hilarity by Something Turning Up – Chelsea, an average young teenager, is suddenly pulled out of her box when a 17th Century pilgrim appears in her living room. Between laughs and adventures, Chelsea’s depressed outlook on life cheers up as she and her dad try each in their own way to solve the anomaly.